Indulge in the Sweet Tradition of King Cake During Carnival Season: History, Flavors, and Where to Find the Best Ones!

King Cake during the Carnaval Season

King cakes are a traditional dessert enjoyed during the Carnaval season in many countries, including France, Spain, and parts of Latin America and the United States. The cake is typically round or oval in shape and often decorated in festive colors of green, gold, and purple. The cake is rich, sweet, and usually filled with fruit or cream. Each color has a symbolic meaning. Gold represents power, green represents faith, and purple represents justice. The colors create a vibrant and festive atmosphere during the Mardi Gras celebrations. The use of these colors can be traced back to the late 1800s and the symbolism behind them has been passed down through generations. 

One of the most iconic elements of a king cake is the small, plastic baby hidden inside. Tradition dictates that whoever finds the baby in their slice of cake is considered “king” or “queen” for the day and is responsible for bringing the next king cake to the celebration.

King cakes are a beloved part of the Carnaval season; Everybody has their favorite style and flavor. During the Carnaval Season at the Canal Street Inn, we love to try as many as we can during breakfast.  Be the judge of the best King Cake in the City of New Orleans.

The Carnaval Season Start Jan 6, 2024. We will see you at breakfast.


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